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‘Halal’ is not only limited to the food you eat but also what you put on your skin.

Healthy skin starts with you

Do you know what is in your daily makeup? Well, you should. With the rise of organic, vegan, cruelty-free and now halal beauty, it's clear that many people care a great deal about what goes into their beauty products.

A brand ethical in every sense, NOTE’s products are produced using only the highest quality of raw materials. We are animal-cruelty free and devoid use of harsh chemicals bad for the skin. Dermatologically tested, our products omit parabens, hazardous and cancerous ingredients. 

And like any other halal cosmetics, NOTE’s products do not contain any alcohol or other ingredients derived from animals. Other halal requirements includes strict clean utensils handling and using of materials that does not harm humans. All elements are accounted for, such as the manufacturing procedure, storage, packaging and logistics. 

More often than not, a healthy lifestyle and well-being are associated with au natural, holistic - and now halal. The organic totality of what constitutes halal cosmetics are not only attracting the Muslim market but also the health-conscious non-Muslim ladies as well (The halal beauty market is predicted a 15% growth in 2020. Not surprising, really.).

Healthy skin starts with you, healthy cosmetics starts with NOTE.